My previous campaigns 

Information arts

This 2-week pilot was undertaken after a targeted e-shot to Financial Services companies. The results were spectacular, with 18 appointments booked, including:

  • Lloyds TSB Bank

  • JP Morgan Investment Inc.

  • Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance

  • Bank of Scotland Prudential Group

  • Zurich Financial Services

  • AXA Insurance

  • HSBC Bank & Centrica

Breakdown analysis 

Database of 83 Companies (with 160 Named Contacts)

  • Appointments – 18

  • Short/Medium-Term Interest – 36

  • Long-Term Interest – 15

  • No Interest – 14

STERLING marketing

This 15-day pilot sales lead generation and appointment-setting campaign came after a targeted e-shot aimed at promoting the client’s internet shopping and e-commerce expertise.

As a result, I arranged 38 appointments with marketing and e-commerce directors for major high street retail chains and home shopping outlets, including:

  • HMV UK™

  • Debenhams Direct™

  • Halfords™

  • Blockbuster™

  • French Connection Retail™

  • Laura Ashley™

  • Goldshield Pharmaceuticals™

  • Manchester Utd™

blueberry wave

From an obsolete database, I was required to "profile" 105 companies in a 3-week campaign split between the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, finding the correct decision-makers concerned.

I contacted 104 companies and set 22 fully qualified appointments in that time, along with 12 short- to medium-term interest and 19 long-term interest clients, including:

  • GlaxoSmithKline

  • Gillette

  • Weetabix

  • Xerox

  • Canon Europe

  • Janssen-Cilag

  • Coors Brewers

  • BAT Industries


In any fully prepared business campaign, it is essential to precede any telemarketing with a targeted mailshot or e-shot to gauge interest. This is either carried out by the client or by my strategic partner, Market Scan Ltd, which provides high-quality database and direct mail services at a competitive price.


I will either work from your database or source my own at minimal extra cost. Following an initial two-week pilot campaign, I am then available on an ongoing basis.

During every campaign, I will provide a weekly electronic report that includes:

  • All Appointments Booked

  • All Contacts Made

  • Any Emails or Letters to be Sent

  • Additional Comments

Upon completion of the pilot campaign, you will receive the updated database on Excel, detailing not only all appointments set but all Hot or Warm leads and all call-backs requested. This will also include all relevant conversations that have taken place.

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